Technical Options

Water jet cutting system

Water jet cutting system Aliko VSL 6,1*3,1 (measurements of the cutting table 6,100 x 3,100 mm, width of cut 0.76 mm, maximal thickness of sheet material 200 mm, pressure 3800 bar, allowable dimensional tolerance for the cut is +/- 0.01–0.03 mm). The edge quality of the cut varies depending on the cutting speed!

Sheet material press brake

Sheet material press brake Ermak CNC HAP 3100*16 (maximal thickness of material 8 mm; bed up to 60 mm; bending force up to 160 t; maximal working width 3,100 mm)


Shear Ermak HGD 3100*13 (maximal thickness of material 13 mm; maximal cutting width 3,100 mm)

Plate bending roll

Plate bending roll Haco 4HBR 176P (diameter of rolls 176 mm)

Angle notching machine

Angle notching machine IMAC VA 200/6 (maximal thickness of material 6 mm; maximal width of cut 200*200 mm; angle range 3–140 degrees)



Glass bead blasting

Glass bead blasting (cabinet measurements 1,000*800*500 mm)