• Producing, assembling, maintaining and repairing equipment and piping for the food processing industry. Designing technical equipment and piping, assembly with TIG welding that guarantees high quality and compliance to the hygiene requirements of the food processing industry.
  • Assembling water treatment equipment and piping. Assembling technical devices and piping with TIG welding.
  • Assembling renewable energy (biogas) production equipment and piping.
  • Assembling devices and piping for the processing industry. We install devices and piping according to the clients’ wishes.
  • We assemble and maintain conveyors and conveyor parts according to the clients’ wishes. If need be, we offer consulting services and deliver everything that is necessary for maintenance.
  • TIG, MIG, MAG and aluminium welding.


  • Drawing details with various drawing software (AutoCAD, ZWCAD) and cutting with the IGEMS program on a water jet cutting table. Measurements of the water jet cutting system is 6,100 x 3,100 mm, width of cut 0.76 mm, maximal thickness of sheet material 200 mm, pressure 3800 bar, allowable dimensional tolerance for the cut is +/- 0.01–0.03 mm. We mainly cut the following sheet materials: stainless steel, ferrous metal, hardened metal, aluminium.


  • Designing, producing and automating valve registers. We design valve registers according to a client’s needs or based on a client’s technical drawings. We deliver the materials, perform automation and commissioning works. We provide certificates conforming to requirements for both the performed work and materials.
  • Designing and producing wash centres with automatic controls. We can deliver complete wash centres that are ready for use.
  • Designing and producing stainless steel tanks and tubs.
  • Designing and producing conveyors.
  • Designing and producing maintenance platforms. If possible, we produce maintenance platforms in our workshop, or at the client’s site. If need be, we help in finding the best solution and with designing.


  • We sell stainless steel pipes, pipe reinforcement and sheet material. As we buy our materials straight from the producers, we can offer competitive prices.